Critical Ops – know how to win by hook or crock


Critical Ops game is meant for the players who love action and thrill based games. The Game is the creation of Critical Force Entertainment with more new and advanced functions and features to shoot the enemy of the game. Critical Ops provider has also cater the player with Critical Ops Cheats to use and win the game.

But before you shoot the enemy, let’s get started with basics of the game. You have to select the terrorist role or anti-terrorist role in the game. Thereafter, you have to choose weapons and build your strong team to combat the opposing team of Critical Ops. Here you have to prove your skill of working with teammates and how quickly you implement the action against the rivals.

Gameplay and graphics of Critical Ops Game

The game has awesome and fantastic gameplay and graphics which stick the player to the device for many hours of the day. They give real experience of playing the game.

Action packed and forcing modes of Critical Ops Game

  • The mode of the game can be said and defined as action packed and with more thriller modes. Not this only, but they force the player to have quick action to defeat the rival team in the game. These mode are below mentioned:
    • First of all, defuse mode here you have to defuse the planted bombs and mines by the rival team but the task is not easy as opposing team is there to defend them. But if you manage to defuse them then the game mode ends.
    • Second mode of the game is Deathmatch where player should have higher score than the opponent teammates till the given time ends.
    • Last but hard level of the game is Gun Game. This game mode has lots of guns and to defeat the enemy only guns are the ways. You can find hardship in it but not to worry as there is Critical Ops Cheats is there to assist you in the game.

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