Hay day: Proper game guide and ways to earn game currency

Hay day is a popular game developed in 2012 by Supercell. Hay day is easy farming concept game, and any player can enjoy this game. It is solo and multiplayer game, with friends you can do trading and earn money for customize your farm. Diamond and coins are the game currency, and the easiest way to earn it is to use Hay Day Hack feature.

Hay day ways to earn

·        Visitors come to farm – Visitors are unlocked after level 2. After unlocking them, you can invite them, or sometimes they visit when they want. All you need to trade with them. When the visitors ask for something to purchase, Always use your proper matured goods to sell. Because they will pay a worth paying amount of the goods.

·        The truck and farm order board – the truck is a major vehicle to help in selling goods. The truck unlocks after complete experience level 3. Selling through trucks give the farmer extra points and coins and sometimes vouchers for purchasing crops and animals.

·        The wheel of fortune – The wheel of fortune is for trying your luck; it allows you to win

Daily prizes if your luck supports you. The first spin of the wheel is free; you can still spin it by using diamonds.

These are some great way to earn and receive rewards. This process will help you to save and earn a good amount of currency. If you still want to have unlimited currencies in your account, you can have it with Hay Day Hack process.